Travel nurses can obtain new opportunities and promising pay rates in the nursing profession by using their travel nursing licenses. Obtaining a travel license in multiple states is more advantageous as it allows you to weigh options and only stick to the most favorable ones. Depending on the state you are acquiring your license from, there are different durations for you to complete the application and get your license. Therefore, it is recommended to start the process early and end it early to avoid inconveniences that may arise in the future.

Travel nursing is an opportunity for you as a nurse to socialize with new people worldwide as you acquire new skills and relevant knowledge. Staffing shortages worldwide need to be filled as soon as possible to nurse the sick. Therefore, speeding the process for obtaining the license is crucial. The following is information on how you can obtain your travel license as a travel nurse:


For you to attain the title of a travel nurse, you must have gone through the right procedure and prove yourself worthy of the title. The following steps are involved in becoming a travel nurse

  • Understand what a travel nurse’s role entails
  • Earn your degree in ASN/AND or BSN
  • Pass the NCLEX to become an RN
  • Gain relevant experience
  • Get licensed
  • Register with a travel nurse staffing agency and make applications
  • Start your career as a travel nurse


Independent staffing companies that recruit Registered Nurses hire travel nurses to fill vacant positions around the United States and overseas. Also, travel nurses stand-in for nurses on vacations, those hired by different hospitals, or those on leave. Travel nurses do not necessarily have to work in different states around the world; they can also work locally in their states provided the role of a nurse is well played.

To move to a different state and start working, travel nurses are required to fill and sign a contract indicating more about the place you are required to move to and the duration you are supposed to stay in at the particular state. The contract lengths vary depending on the hospital and state you are in. After the contract has expired, a travel nurse can extend their stay or migrate to a different state.


Completing a bachelor’s degree from an accredited and well-known institution qualifies any nurse for a travel nurse position. Armed with the relevant and required certifications, you can go ahead and place your interest in becoming a travel nurse in a state. However, the credentials needed depend on the school you decide to practice as a travel nurse as different institutions root for different qualifications. Some of the credentials needed are:

  • A Bachelor of Science and qualification in nursing degree is a must. The degree is earned based on the applicable nursing experience or the transfer credit.
  • An Associate of Science in Nursing degree is important. The degree is recommended for entry-level registered nurses.
  • An LPN to Associate in Nursing degree for those ready to elevate their nursing experience to the next level is required.
  • An accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree is crucial, among others.

For a smooth experience, opt for the institutions that you can learn from and obtain experience on your terms to plan yourself according to your schedule without interruptions.


You are set to sit for the NCLEX exam after graduating and obtaining your bachelor’s degree in nursing, which is a requirement depending on your state. Nursing is a delicate profession as it majorly deals with human lives. Therefore, passing the NCLEX exam is crucial because it determines your level of seriousness as a nurse and whether you should be entrusted with human lives or not.

You only meet the standards of a registered nurse once you pass the NCLEX and meet the standards of the board in the state you have applied to work in. With top-notch experience and expertise, you are well fit to practice as a travel nurse and continue making bigger moves as time goes by.


In the job market, those with a higher experience level are likely to get jobs faster than those who do not have experIn the job market, those with a higher experience level are likely to get jobs faster than those who do not have experience. According to your nursing specialty, most places require a registered nurse to have a minimum of two years of nursing experience. Some of the specialties in nursing are such as:

However, most travel nurses should be ready to take on various responsibilities for every assignment, whether domestic or international. Said responsibilities include:

  • Paediatrics
  • Surgical
  • Neonatal
  • Critical Care
  • Trauma, among others. 
    As a nurse on transit, your clinical background dictates the openings you qualify for in a state. Hospitals are always on the lookout for experienced over, qualified nurses in the modern world. They would try as much as possible to keep them around because of their status in society.


Only a license enables you to work in any state without being discontinued. A single license is enough for you to work in any state so long as it is valid. The National Council of State Boards of Nursing keeps a record of what states have enacted, which is data that may be helpful in the future.

Any state part of the Nursing Licensure Compact allows you to get the multistate license in your residential area, making the license application process easy for all interested parties. After getting licensed, apply to a nurse staffing agency and get ready for your nursing travel career to kick off.


A current and valid registered nurse license is recommended within the state of assignment a travel nurse is in. there are three different types of licenses issued, with only one being enough for the nursing practices in a state. The three licenses include:

  • An eNLC license
  • Walkthrough license
  • State-specific license

Nurse License Compact recommends a multistate license to work in a different state and work in their home state. On the other hand, a walkthrough license permits nurses to continue working as they wait for the permanent license. A state-specific license is from states that only allow the silences applied in their locality to be used. Check out The Well Balanced Nurse here.


The NLC provides a clear path for nurses to apply for their licenses, making the process less stressful and less expensive. For the states not part of the NLC, a different process is required for a nurse to obtain their license, which could be more expensive considering the costs needed in other states. Furthermore, the application could be more time-consuming, and ir advisable to go for nursing agencies that cover application fees and finger-printing costs.


While looking for recruitments as a travel nurse, most people concentrate on the privileges and stipends the job comes with and forget to get into details about the taxes they are supposed to pay. The taxes amount to a considerable amount of money after a while. For those nurses with full-time residence, paying taxes on the income inclusive of all stipends and reimbursements is mandatory. 

However, most travel nurses should be ready to take on various responsibilities for every assignment, whether The tips to make your tax filing easy as a travel nurse include:

  • Keep one address while traveling
  • Be cautious while using the tax software
  • Keep your contracts and go through them well
  • Make sure you have qualified for all the non-taxed per diems.


Travel Nurses with compact licenses only need to meet the standards and qualifications in the state they live in to maintain their licenses. Renewal if the home state license updates the license in your current locality. 

One of the key features in becoming a straightforward nurse is being as transparent as possible to avoid raising any suspicions or doubts that may arise if your application and license show any signs of fraud or corruption. Keeping a clean record ensures you succeed in the job market and increases your chances of getting promoted in hospitals and other institutions. 

Over the years, travel nursing has managed to gain more popularity as more nurses become invested in the idea of traveling the world as they save lives. With travel nursing, there is a guarantee of high payment and better job opportunities across different states worldwide. The most important elements in travel nursing are a valid license and the right amount of experience, which builds up your resume and creates more lucrative chances for you as a nurse.

The most The characteristics needed for a travel nurse to make it are such as:

  • Flexibility
  • Strong Clinical Background
  • Leadership Skills
  • Reliability
  • Solid Communication Skills

A nursing agency offers easy solutions for travel nurses who are starting and lack a proper basis for going about things. Different states offer different application times, which calls for one to start applying for a license within the stipulated time and beat deadlines.

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