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Posted 2 years ago

Many nursing jobs in South Dakota are in high demand due to nurses shortages and seasonality changes, among other factors. The nurse case manager is a nursing specialization that is marketable in all states nationwide.

What is a South Dakota travel nurse case manager?

A travel nurse case manager creates and implements a treatment plan that promotes patients’ health and keeps them out of hospitals. They develop high-quality, patient-centered, and individualized care plans and cost-effectively use the available resources to improve their health. The experts travel from place to place offering their services. Moreover, they can work for one employer for a certain period before changing employers or traveling again.

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Types of nursing case management

You can specialize in any area of case management, from long-term to short-term treatment plans. For instance, treating patients with diabetes or cancer or caring for patients with chronic conditions such as substance abuse or mental illness. You can also concentrate on offering specific services such as home health, pediatric care, rehabilitation, and senior care, among others.


These professionals treat patients from different locations and populations worldwide and ensure their patients have long-term care plans. Some of their duties include identifying their patients’ individual needs, creating safe healthcare plans, meeting their emotional, medical, and social needs, and ensuring the patient has the care they need.

They are also responsible for evaluating their patient’s progress, discharging every patient, monitoring the quality of healthcare offered to patients, and ensuring patients have the appropriate resources they need.

Additionally, they must educate both their patients and close kin on the available treatment options and coordinate the transition from one healthcare option to another. They also promote high-quality and cost-effective care for their patients.

Salaries and benefits

The BLS reports that the median national salary for registered nurses is $77 460 annually. Nurse case managers in South Dakota can earn almost twice as much as any American worker when comparing their pay to the median wage for all occupations. Their position is specialized, and they can make way more money than a general registered nurse. Moreover, they enjoy added benefits such as health insurance, overtime pay, flexible schedules, training programs, a retirement savings plan, and paid time off.


Like other travel nurses, you need to get a registered nurse license in a specific state to qualify for this profession. Moreover, many employers require people to have at least one year of experience in clinical nursing before beginning case management.

In addition to licensing and experience, you can get case manager certifications such as the Nursing Case Management Certification issued by the American Nurses Credentialing Center and the Accredited Case Management Credential issued by the American Case Management Association. Moreover, you need to have computer skills and conflict resolution skills.

Other skills these professionals must have entail:

Decision-making skills:

Case managers need decision-making skills to determine, create and implement the most effective long-term care for their patients. They make great choices and decisions based on their patient’s needs.

Organizational skills:

These professionals must have strong organizational skills to be able to manage multiple patients at the same time. They need to address various treatment options easily, and this skill allows them to do so.

Communication skills:

Case managers interact with people across other geographical locations and must have strong communication skills to avoid confusion. They need to constantly interact with their patients to ensure they offer high-quality long-term care. They must also inform and educate the patient’s family members about the long-term care plans.

Education requirements

Some employers only need an associate’s degree to qualify for the position. However, many employers want to hire a case manager with either a bachelor’s or a master’s degree from an accredited and reputable nursing program. You may need to get a BSN or a Master of Science in Nursing. After completing your education, you will need to get your license as a registered nurse.

Case manager training

Registered nurses who want to become case managers in South Dakota need to obtain a BSN. If you received your registered nursing license after doing an associate’s degree, you should get a BSN to move up the ladder to become a case manager. Many BSN programs have been set up to allow registered nurses to keep working while pursuing that degree. Besides, you can enroll in online programs that give you the flexibility to work and study.

Who employs them?

When you become a case manager, you will pursue a wide range of opportunities and work with many different employers. You will work in areas such as managed care facilities and hospitals. However, you can also get employed in government-sponsored initiatives, home health agencies, outpatient facilities, and private medical practices.

In addition to health facilities, private and public insurance agencies also hire case managers. The insurance companies can offer remote jobs to work through the phone or on-site jobs. If you want more flexibility as a case manager, you can work independently as a consultant or traveling healthcare professional.

● Benefits of choosing this profession

● Knowing patients deeply

● Travel nurses can evaluate the obstacles a patient goes through beyond the clinical aspect and help with the relevant resources.

Battle burnout

This profession allows the experts to utilize their different skill sets apart from the bedside care specialties. It will enable the nurses to practice within their specialty while performing something different. In addition, they can work in many different settings such as hospitals, LTC, and private practice, among others.

Job security

These professionals are essential, and their job demand is high. Thus, there is job security. Moreover, the higher the need for such experts, the more the employers are willing to pay. Travel nurses usually enjoy a high salary compared to staff nurse pay.


Many case managers can enjoy the holidays and weekends because they are usually off unless working with an inpatient.

Job security

Frequently Asked Questions

Who do the case managers work with?

The travel nurse case managers work with different patients. For instance, they can work with patients with chronic conditions, geriatric patients, or even pediatric patients. On top of that, they can partner and collaborate with the care team of a specific healthcare facility.

What is the average salary?

Travel nurses make an average of about $109 168 annually, while registered nurse case managers make about $69 476 annually. However, the salary of a travel nurse can greatly vary depending on the geographical location, the employer, and their experience at the particular time.

What is the job outlook?

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labour Statistics report, there is a projection of employment growth of 32% for health and medical service managers from 2019 to 2029. Moreover, while other occupations are projected to grow at a rate of 5% from 2019 to 2028, registered nursing jobs are expected to grow by 12% within a similar timeframe. This growth is faster than the normal job growth for other professions in the workforce.

Currently, over 52 million Americans are 65 years and above. The U.S. Census Bureau expects that population group to balloon to 78 million people by 2035. The population may bring age-related problems such as heart diseases and arthritis, which will increase the demand for long-term care and patient education.

Where do they work?

These professionals work in many different healthcare settings where patients need long-term healthcare plans. Such locations include hospitals, home health agencies, senior facilities, and insurance companies.

Whether you want to begin pursuing a nurse case manager career in South Dakota or you’re a registered nurse who wants to specialize in that field, you can do so by getting the right education. The career outlook for case managers is bright and marketable. There is job security, a great salary, and fair benefits. Moreover, if you don’t like staying in one place for too long, this traveling career might be for you.

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