Emergency Room (ER) Travel Nurse Jobs in Michigan

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The United States Department of Health and Human Services projects that healthcare facilities need a 33 percent increase in full-time nurses in the next decade. With ongoing shortages of nurses globally, many medical facilities in Michigan compete for nurses creating a demand for travel nurses. The high demand for travel nurses makes travel nursing jobs attract higher wages.

While exploring the various travel nurse career opportunities, you will encounter emergency room jobs for travel nurses. As an emergency room travel nurse in Michigan, you will focus on providing patient care to those ailing from all conditions requiring emergency attention, including trauma. Working in a successful emergency room department will need travel ER nurses to be quick thinkers, remain calm under pressure, and make excellent decisions.

What are the Duties of Travel Nurses?

A travel nurse performs a registered nurse’s duties and responsibilities. However, travel nurses will acquire specific skills, practices and specialties during their travels depending on the needs of the location they are performing their assignments. For instance, travel nurses with assignments in tropical regions heavily infested by mosquitoes or areas with outbreaks of certain diseases will undergo specific training for treating such illnesses. Those working in locations with a significant elderly population will acquire skills to treat senior citizens in society.

Duties of Travel Nurses

What is an Michigan Emergency Room Travel Nurse?

Emergency room nurses provide care for critically injured patients or those with life-threatening conditions and illnesses. Therefore, working in the emergency room require ER nurses to specialize in training areas that prepare them to handle general first responders’ medical procedures. To qualify as an emergency room travel nurse, you will need to acquire hospital experience before taking on travel assignments. Different health facilities will have different requirements and qualifications before assigning ER nurses any travel assignments.

How to Become an ER Travel Nurse in Michigan

The first qualification to become a travel nurse in Michigan is an active license of a registered nurse. Most health facilities and agencies prefer hiring RNs with two years of experience working in a hospital setting. As an ER travel nurse, you have the choice to work as a domestic ER travel nurse or an International ER travel nurse. Whether you will take international or domestic assignments will depend on the benefits and other things you will need to consider.

Registered ER nurses looking to explore new challenges in new work settings working as ER travel nurses will start by identifying a trusted and reputable recruiter. Recruiters will help RNs aspiring to enter travel nursing find locally or abroad assignments. Recruiters will then match RNs with assignments that match their career goals, training, and skills. After recruitment, your agency will be responsible for finding your assignments, managing your travels, and ensuring all compliances are met.

ER travel nurses in Michigan face both challenges and great opportunities in their careers. To thrive as an ER travel nurse, you need to embrace new cultures, be open-minded, enjoy new experiences, be flexible, and love interacting with others. Travel nursing allows nurses to choose when and where to work while still enjoying life, increasing job satisfaction among nurses.

Benefits of working as an ER Travel Nurse

In any working environment, work flexibility is essential as it dictates the morale and productivity of the employees. Since nursing jobs are known to be stressful and nurses experiences burn-outs due to long working hours and the seriousness of their work, travel nursing provides much-needed work relief and freedom to nurses. Travel nursing as an ER nurse provides you with adventurous travels and opportunities to visit new places. ER travel nurses are lucky to work in environments that help unwind and recharge, getting ready to accept the subsequent emergency room assignments.

Travel Nurse

Additional benefits that travel nursing ER nurses enjoy include:

● Tax-free travel reimbursement

● Free-quality accommodation

● Sign-on bonuses and incentives

● High salaries and wages

● Dental, vision, and medical insurance coverage

● Assistance in obtaining passport and work visa

● Retirement benefits

● Choice of working locations

Nursing Licenses, Qualifications, and Requirements for ER Travel Nurses

Working in any nursing career as a travel nurse requires aspiring individuals to have a nursing degree as the primary qualification. Although a two-year associate degree is a minimum requirement, some health facilities will hire only those RNs who graduate with a four-year bachelor’s degree. It will be the responsibility of the recruiters or agencies to match assignments with the experience levels and educational qualifications of the travel nurses.
Most medical facilities require their travel nurses to have acquired at least two years of working in a hospital. Travel nurses looking for assignments abroad will have an advantage if they speak other foreign languages.

For general travel nursing jobs, RNs will not need to sit additional exams, but they will need specific credentials and certifications for nursing specialties such as Emergency room nursing. The emergency room nursing department requires RNs to have additional certifications and credentials: PALS, ACLS, BLS, NRP, and TNCC (Trauma Nurse Core Course Certification).

Emergency Room International Travel Nurses

ER travel nurses with international assignments will need to have other qualifications and meets certain requirements, including:

● Extra immunizations depending on the country of assignment

● Work visa

● Passport

● Basic knowledge of common diseases in the area

● General understanding of the culture and lifestyle of the local people.

● Knowledge of a common language

Frequently Asked Questions about ER Travel Nursing


How long is the ER Travel Nurse Assignments in Michigan?

Like other assignments for travel nurses, factors such as the recruiting agency, the assignment location, and the assignment’s needs will determine the length of the assignment. Domestic assignments may take up to 13 weeks, with international assignments lasting for one year. Travel nurses can also renew their contracts and extend their assignments if they decide to remain in certain locations. Contract renewals, also called extensions, last for at least three weeks.


Can Family Members Accompany Travel Nurses During Assignments?

During assignments, travel nurses can bring along their loved ones, including pets. However, the recruiting agency will only provide a one-bedroom apartment for accommodation. While this space only benefits travel nurses with few family members and pets, most travel nurses are young and have young small families.


Who Hires Michigan ER Travel Nurses?

Suppose you want to work as an ER travel nurse. You can get travel nursing jobs from various recruiters, independent employment agencies, and various types of healthcare facilities offering emergency room services.

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