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Interesting in becoming a labor & delivery travel nurse in Tennessee? The work of labor and delivery nurses is to help women with one of the most changing life events of their lives: childbirth. The process of giving birth is challenging; a mother will need a nurse to coach them through the pregnancy and even after giving birth. Labor and travel nurses give services to expectant from different hospitals and places. Some of their main duties include the following:

● They monitor the vital signs of the baby and the mother, such as blood pressure and heart rate
● The nurse helps the expectant in administering any medication needed
● They also time the contraction
● Comforting and giving courage to women during labor
● Help induce the labor
● It is also their duty to know if there is any complication and if there is, they help the mother to handle it
● Coach the expectant through the labor process until delivery
● They offer support to the breastfeeding mothers
● Give care to the mother and the baby until they leave the hospital.

However, there are different types of Tennessee labor and delivery nurses who may be given different responsibilities in one area or one place. They include the following:

Circulating nurses: these nurses control the patient care undergoing C- section in the operating room.

Antepartum nurses: These types of nurses give care to those who have complications with their pregnancy and need to be hospitalized.

Nursery nurses: their work is to care for and look after the babies who are not in the same room as their mothers.

Postpartum nurses: they give care to the new mum

Scrub nurses: these nurses are there during the C- section, and they work hand in hand with the surgeons

Areas That Labor and Delivery Nurses in Tennessee Can Work In:

The best thing about being a labor and delivery travel nurse in Tennessee is that one gets a chance to work in various places, including:

● Maternity wards in different hospitals
● Different private home births
● Various birthing facilities
● Outpatient care facilities
● Remote gynecology and obstetrics practices
● Qualifications needed for one to become a labor and delivery traveling nurse

Labor and Delivery Nurses

For you to successfully become a labor and delivery travel nurse, you must have the following requirements:

1. You must pass the NCLEX-RN: for you to be licensed as a nurse in your state, you have to pass the national council licensure examination.
2. You must be a registered nurse.
3. You must have enough experience in labor and delivery nursing. It will be possible for you to start practicing nursing after getting NCLEX-RN. You must have one year of experience in the labor and delivery area, but note that some hospitals require three years of experience. There may also be additional requirements according to the area you choose.
4. You also need nursing certificates that are related to labor and delivery nursing.

labor and delivery travel nurse

Some of these certifications include the BSL (Basic Life Support), which covers CPR for infants, children, and adults, Advanced cardiac life support (ACLS), CNM (Certified Nurse Midwife); note that to be a certified nurse-midwife, you must have worked in nursing for eight years, C-EFM (Electronic Fetal Heart Monitoring and NRP (Neonatal Resuscitation Program) this program aims to ensure that their teamwork care between the nurses that are involved in labor and delivery.

Other qualifications include a nursing degree from a well-known college or university. The degree can be either a bachelor of science and nursing or an associate of science in nursing (ASN). If you are planning to be a labor and travel nurse during your studies, it would be best if you take electives that are related to labor and delivery.

Apart from educational qualifications, there are other things that make a nurse ideal for labor and delivery travel nurse jobs. It is important for a labor and delivery nurse to love babies and also have other skills and personalities, such as the following:

● The nurse should be friendly and approachable
● The nurse should be compassionate
● They should also have excellent communication skills
● The nurse should be emotionally stable
● A nurse should be a critical and sharp thinker.
● A nurse should pay attention and be patient, especially with the patients.

What Determines the Amount of Money That A Labor and Delivery Travel Nurse Can Earn in Tennessee:

Traveling nurses have many options, and when it comes to their salary, it will be determined by various things such as;
● The nurse experience
● Certifications
● The city or hospital the nurse chooses to work in
● Facility type, the nurse is offering the services

There are many benefits that a labor and delivery travel nurse can enjoy, especially if the nurse is trusted. They include the following:

● Travel nurses get to enjoy housing allowances, food, and travel stipends
● They can be given a referral bonus
● They get overtime payments
● Most get direct deposits
● The nurse also gets reimbursement for their certifications, license, and CEU.
● A nurse may also get completion and sign-on bonuses
● They also get healthcare cover
● Some institutions give their nurses packages such as vision, dental and insurance packages.
● The travel nurses have a free program which is fun compared to those who only work in hospitals
● The traveling nurse also gets an opportunity to visit new places and also meet different people.

If you are planning to start your nursing career in a labor and delivery traveling job, you need to do a lot of research. You should start by researching which state pays the highest salary for traveling nurses. Some of the cities that pay the highest in the US include Massachusetts paying 49.35 dollars, Hawaii, at 48.37 dollars; and New Jersey, which pays 48.37 dollars.

In conclusion, everyone loves it when they are paid well, and it will not be wise for you to choose a state that pays its nurses poorly. Also, make sure that you check the benefits that you will be getting as a travel nurse and the allowances they are giving to you. As stated above, your salary can also be determined by the facility you are working with, your qualifications, and your experience level.

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