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Nursing is one of the most marketable and sought-after professions in recent times. With the rising cost of health care, increasing demand for skilled professionals, and the shortage in supply.

What Is Neonatal ICU

Neonatal ICU is a specialty unit for preterm and deficient birth weight babies below 2500 grams. The average age of the babies in Neonatal ICU is only 24-30 hours. The nurses diagnose and treat babies for respiratory distress, jaundice, hypothermia, hypoglycemia, etc. 80% of premature infants are born before 37 weeks of pregnancy.

A traveling Neonatal ICU Nurse is a specialist who has specific training to care for the unique needs of very premature or deficient birthweight babies.
They travel from place to place where they take care of the babies in Neonatal ICU. As a Neonatal ICU Traveling nurse, you need to be aware of your state laws and the regulations that pertain to working as a traveling nurse.

Job Scope and Duties in South Carolina

South Carolina Travel Nursing jobs in Neonatal ICU or NICU present a very different picture from a typical travel nursing job.

Neonatal ICU Travel Nurses in South Carolina provide inpatient care for premature and sick newborn babies. They are responsible for administering treatments to babies and educating/training new nurses.

They are also responsible for tracking a baby’s vital signs, including Heart Rate, Respiratory Rate, Blood Pressure, Temperature, Pulse Oximetry, and assessing babies for central-nervous-system dysfunction.

Labor and Delivery Nurses

They are also responsible for administering treatments to babies, such as antibiotics and other medications.
They also manage emergencies that may arise during their care. The nurse must be familiar with emergency procedures at the facility and be able to respond appropriately to a medical emergency.

You are also responsible for assessing babies for central-nervous-system dysfunction and administering treatments to babies, such as antibiotics and other medications.

The nurse must ensure that top-notch neonatal care is available for every baby in their unit.
Travel Nurses in Neonatal ICU are required to handle stressful situations with a skillful hand.
They have to treat babies independently when Social Worker is not available.

Salary and Benefits

Neonatal ICU travel nurse earnings are so breathtaking that one can not even imagine.
Although the salary of a traveling Neonatal ICU nurse can vary according to the place, experience, and specialty, it is higher than the average NICU nurse’s salary. It depends on the state where you live and how much you will be traveling.

Travel Nursing jobs in Neonatal ICU have a lot of benefits. They include free travel to any part of the country where they are working, free food and lodging in-between shifts, uniform allowances, trauma insurance plans, and more.
Neonatal ICU Travel nurses earn between $50,000 to $65,000 annually.

In addition to the salary, they get paid travel expenses and licensure reimbursements.
In most cases, they also receive overtime pay when they work on weekends and holidays.
However, they can maximize their income by working in multiple Neonatal ICU locations.


Neonatal ICU Travel nurses need to be licensed by the state board of nursing.
They must have a valid license to practice Nursing in that specific state.
License requirements vary from one state to another, depending on their specialty.
These licenses include CPR certification and other related certifications. It is a must that they have completed an accredited nursing program.

Education and Training

A Neonatal ICU travel nurse has to be a Registered Nurse or RN with specific qualifications.
The specialty of neonatal ICU requires them to have extensive knowledge about Neonatal ICU care and Pediatrics, Pediatric Surgery, and Pediatrics Infectious Diseases.

Most states require NICU travel nurses have at least a Bachelor of Science in Nursing or Masters of Science in Nursing.
Employers prefer to hire nurses with at least one year of experience in the related field.

Other additional requirements include the following:
● Good organizational skills – they are responsible for reporting the baby’s vitals, documenting and updating the medical records, scheduling treatments, and updating the doctors.
● South Carolina Neonatal ICU Travel Nurses need to be very good in communication skills as they need to interact with multiple parties such as Social workers, Physicians, and other Neonatal ICU staff.
● Time management skills- they need to be able to schedule their time to maintain balance and see they meet the needs of their clients.
● They should take utmost care, especially when dealing with the babies, as they require utmost attention.
● They should also display a high sense of professionalism, teamwork, responsibility, accountability, and adaptability.

Who Employs South Carolina Neonatal ICU Nurses?

As Neonatal ICU Travel Nurses in South Carolina are in demand, hospital administrators are always looking for a good candidate for the position.

Neonatal ICU Travel Nurses should be able to secure jobs in hospitals, Neonatal ICUs, and Pediatric clinics.

Hospitals recruit Neonatal ICU nurses to serve as a bridge between the Neonatal ICU and doctors.

Travel nursing agencies recruit, train, and monitor the performance of Neonatal ICU nurses.

They also provide specialized opportunities for their beneficial nurses. They link nurses to hospitals and other private institutes.

One can also work as a Neonatal ICU Travel nurse by joining the independent contractor program as a consultant and freelancer.

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