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OB/GYN nurses are also called obstetric nurses or gynecology nurses. These nurses play a very crucial part in women’s pregnancies and deliveries.

Without a doubt, the rate of birth in the US has declined significantly. However, the need for gynecology nurses has not declined. Contrary to the decline in birth rates, obstetric nurses have been increasingly in high demand.

The high demand for Maine OB nurses is due to the need for mothers and their babies to be treated as separate patients. There has also been increased emphasis on increasing staff in prenatal and labor units. In addition, there has been a demand for a lower patient-to-nurse ratio, not forgetting the countrywide nurse shortage.

This article will delve into all you need to know about obstetric nurses and how you can become a travel OB nurse in Maine. Read on to find more.

Who Is an Maine Obstetric Nurse?

OB nurses work hand in hand with obstetricians to educate pregnant women. They enlighten pregnant women about getting ready for conception, carrying a child, delivering a baby, and maintaining the child’s health after delivery.

Where Do OB/GYN Nurses Work?

OB nurses are essential during prenatal checkups and deliveries. They work in different facilities serving as a familiar face in the journey of many women to motherhood. These facilities include:

● Physicians’ offices
● Hospital maternity wards
● Birthing centers

OB/GYN Travel Nurse Responsibilities

The responsibilities of Maine gynecology nurses may differ according to the work environment. If you work in an obstetrician’s office, you will mostly be involved in:

● Prenatal care
● Postnatal care
● Routine checkups
● Providing support and counseling to mothers
● Collecting samples of blood and urine
● Pelvic exams
● Prenatal screening

On the other hand, OB nurses who work in birthing centers and hospitals are responsible for the delivery process. These include responsibilities such as:

● Preparing mothers for delivery. The nurses ensure that everything necessary is available before the delivery.
● They monitor equipment to ensure the fetal heart rate and other signs are in check. The nurses share this information with the physicians.
● Offering support to the family members of the expectant mothers.
● Coaching expectant mothers on delivery
● Accompanying mothers into the delivery room during a Cesarean section
● Caring for women and infants after delivery. They help in assessing the child’s health, feeding the child, and ensuring the mother is taken care of and monitored in case of complications

In addition, OB nurses provide postpartum care to women. They will monitor both the child and the mother to ensure their health is okay. This applies both to normal births and those with complications that need attention.

Also, OB nurses will aid in the recovery of the mother. General nursing will often involve administering pain medication. Finally, the nurse will also assist in specialized care for women who underwent C-sections and other birth-related issues.

Obstetric Nurse Salary

Obstetric nurses have a wide range of skills. Consequently, nurses working in obstetrics have a higher national median salary than nurses of other specialties.

OB nurses have a base salary of $49 per hour and a national average salary of $102,722 annually. The salaries vary depending on experience, certification, education, and location.

Travel Nursing
How Can I Increase My Salary as an OB Nurse?

As an obstetric nurse, you will boost your earnings by working overtime, working on weekends, and shift differentials. Also, as an OB nurse, your salary will be augmented by the benefits you will receive. These benefits include dental, medical, vision, and on-site childcare.

You should also be aware that you will work round-the-clock as an OB nurse as the birth timetable of infants is not predictable.

OB Nurses’ Education Requirements, Certifications, and Groups

You will need to pursue a four-year Bachelor of Science in Nursing or an Associate Degree in Nursing for two years. Additionally, OB nurses must pass the NCLEX-RN exam to get a license.

After that, you will need to work at an obstetrician’s office or in a hospital’s labor and delivery unit to gain clinical experience. After attaining 2,000 hours of experience, you can study for the Obstetric Nursing Certification. You will pursue the certification through National Certification Corporation.

You can also join the Association of Women’s Health, Obstetric, and Neonatal nurses for professional growth opportunities and the advancement of your nursing career. Additionally, you will network with like-minded professionals and share a similar commitment to great health provision.

Obstetric Nurse Salary

As an OBGYN travel nurse in Maine, you will benefit from numerous advantages that set you apart from nurses of other specializations. You will also face a fair share of challenges. Below are the pros and cons of Becoming an OB nurse.

Pros of Obstetric Nurses

● Better pay than nurses of different specializations
● One-on-one care for your patients
● The joy of caring for newly born children
● The joy of assisting women in their journey to motherhood
● The advantage of working with a cohesive care team

Cons of Obstetric Nurses

● You will have devastating moments in your work. Not all patients will deliver successfully, and these are usually painful moments.
● You will work for long hours with round-the-clock scheduling
● Some family members can your work difficult

Travel Nursing as an Obstetric Nurse

Obstetric nurses get training that can easily apply in different locations. Therefore, obstetric nurses can apply to become travel nurses. The opportunities for OB nurses are not limited in scope. They can work from birthing centers and small clinics to major hospitals and delivery departments.

Traveling obstetric nurses in Maine will also get competitive salaries which come with an array of benefits. These benefits may include non-taxable housing, meal stipends, and other bonuses. Traveling gynecology nurses will also have the opportunity to travel and discover new places in the country.

In addition, obstetric travel nurses will make new friends in different locations. Also, working with different hospitals and doctors will lead to high experience levels. Your curriculum vitae will be highly valuable due to the references of the different professionals you will work with hence elevating your professional nursing career.

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