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As a nurse, you will come across several opportunities to work in a variety of specialties. One of these specialties is the operating room. As an New York OR nurse, you will be involved with several operations and surgeries in a hospital setting. Besides a hospital, an OR nurse will also be working in other settings such as surgical centers, clinics, and medical centers.

The job description for travel OR nurses will involve working in pre-op and post-op sections. There are certain guidelines and standards that a job defines an OR nurse and they are in high demand today as compared to other nursing specialties. In fact, they are listed in the top 10 specialties that a nurse can perform.

What Exactly Does A Nurse Do In An Operating Room?

As you are deciding to have a career as an OR nurse, you need to know and understand what you will be doing. The tasks that you will be completing will be different every time you arrive at work. Your tasks will also depend on what kind of surgical facility it is and how the operating room is set up. No matter how the OR is set up, the role of the OR nurse is key throughout the entire surgical process.

Under normal circumstances the job description for an OR nurse involves the following duties:
● Fill out patient charts
● Administer all scheduled medications
● Providing direct and indirect patient care
● Monitoring vital signs
● Maintaining sterility of the operating room

The types of operating room nurses commonly seen are circulating nurses and scrub nurses.

Besides these two types of OR nurses, you can also opt to work as a travel OR nurse in New York.

The Travel OR Nurse´s Average Salary

As you focus your OR nursing career on travel nursing, you will see that your salary will be competitively priced. Not only that but your benefits and pay can be dictated by you. You can dictate your pay due to the type of assignment you take on and if the area is considered to be in high need.

The pay you receive will be determined by the credentials you hold, the need, and your experience level. As a travel nurse specializing in the OR, the yearly pay can be as high as $100,000. This includes the ability to live where they choose while traveling. Having this freedom while traveling makes the job even more enjoyable.

Because of the specialized care that a traveling operating room nurse in New York provides, their pay will be significantly higher than a regular nurse working full-time. In fact, a traveling OR nurse can easily make close to $50 an hour while in the operating room. Plus, a traveling OR nurse may be permitted overtime if the staffing is short for the OR. This overtime will increase the pay instantly and will depend on the agency the OR nurse is contracted through.

Normally, a travel OR nurse will have a set number of assignment hours in a day, which may also involve hours for overtime. Also, the agency may also provide you with income if the shift is canceled. In order to get the most accurate information concerning salaries, you should be in contact with your nursing agency. The recruiter will be able to provide you with the most up-to-date information concerning pay and other job requirements that you need to meet.

With travel nursing being a very competitive field, there are other reasons for the competitiveness. These include benefits that each agency member is granted. Besides being able to enjoy traveling, you will get the same perks of vacation time, overtime, holiday pay, and sick pay.

Benefits Of A Travel OR Nurse

Below are the detailed benefits that travel OR nurses in New York will enjoy:

Stipend for housing – When it comes to travel nursing, a big concern for many involves the temporary housing that they will need while completing their assignment. Talk to your recruiter about your accommodations to ensure that they are what you expect. If you prefer to make your own accommodations, then you may have a monthly subsidized stipend. You may also experience accommodations that are free, which the agency provides to staff. This free housing will be seen a lot when the assignment is temporary in nature.

401 (k) – Being able to save for retirement is never too late. Having the ability to enroll in a retirement plan offered through your agency is a great benefit to take advantage of. Once you take your first assignment, you can begin to have a percentage of your pay deducted and deposited to your 401 (k). Make sure to inquire with your recruiter for full details.

High pay – Besides being able to travel as an OR nurse, you will love the high pay that comes with it. Normally, the salary involved is very generous and includes a number of hours that are guaranteed for each assignment taken as well as several types of bonuses and allowances covering incidents and meals.

Continuing Education – If you plan to expand your nursing career and learn a new nursing specialty, then you can take advantage of continuing education opportunities while traveling to an assignment. Many agencies may provide CEU course credits for free. Enjoying a discount on tuition may also be offered. If so, then the nurse will be able to take advantage of leveraging their travel nurse job along with their continuing education.

Reasons You Should Be A Travel OR Nurse

You have many reasons why you should become a travel OR nurse. A few great examples include having fun, getting good pay, and of course, traveling.

A lot of perks also exist as part of being a New York travel operating room nurse. One of the best is the high amount of pay involved. By traveling, you are getting paid more for assignments that no other nurse desires so the demand is high for the skills you possess.

A few other reasons include the following:
● Stipends for housing
● Reimbursement for travel expenses
● Health and dental insurance
● 15 percent higher wage opportunity than regular nurses

If you would like more information on a rewarding career as a traveling operating room nurse in New York, then get ahold of us today.

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