Orthopedics Travel Nursing Jobs in Wisconsin

Posted 2 years ago

Orthopedics Travel Nursing Jobs in Wisconsin

Nursing jobs are currently in high demand as a result of shortages of nurses. Orthopedics nursing is among the nursing specializations in high order across the country. As an orthopedic nurse, you will hear about travel nursing jobs in Wisconsin related to your specialization. Whether it is a good career path for you will linger in your mind.

This article seeks to satisfy your curiosity about orthopedic nursing jobs. We will answer all your questions from pay to benefits and much more.

Wisconsin Orthopedic Nursing Job Description

An orthopedic travel nurse is a nurse who specializes in the prevention and treatment of disorders that impair the bones, joints, and muscles. These conditions may include:

● Rheumatoid arthritis

● Fibromyalgia

● Osteoarthritis

● Bone fractures

● Tendonitis

● Carpal tunnel syndrome

As an orthopedic travel nurse, you will assist patients with these conditions to regain full mobility. You will also help patients in the journey of pain recovery.

Duties of an Orthopedic Nurse

As a travel orthopedic nurse, you will be tasked with different responsibilities. These may include:

● Assisting patients during recovery to regain mobility and strength

● Assessing the pain levels of patients

● Helping doctors during surgery

● Shedding light on musculoskeletal diseases to patients and their families

● Treating injuries with casting, wound dressing, or traction

Job Requirements for an Orthopedic Travel Nurse in Wisconsin

To become an ortho travel nurse in Wisconsin, you will need to be a registered nurse, acquiring a bachelor’s degree in science. RNs with an Associate Nursing Degree may also suffice, but higher degrees are preferred in most facilities.

Practitioners with a Master of Science in Nursing can also be travel orthopedic nurses. Additionally, you will be required to have a two-year nursing experience before becoming a travel nurse. However, as an orthopedic nurse, this is not a hindrance since you will already have two years of experience and 1000hours before certification.

What Certifications Are Needed to Apply for Ortho Nursing Jobs?

You will need the Orthopedic Nurses Certification exam before becoming an orthopedic nurse in Wisconsin. For eligibility, you will have to have worked as an ortho nurse for at least 1,000 hours, having a two-year experience as a registered nurse. Also, you will need an unencumbered nursing license, and contact hours will be required for renewal.

Once you have met all the above requirements, you can apply for certification. This is done through the Orthopedic Nurses Certification Board. There are three levels of certifications. These include:

● ONC certificate

NP certificate

ONC-A advanced certificate

After passing the basic exam, an Wisconsin RN gains the Orthopedic Nurse Certificate. This credential will suffice to show expertise in orthopedic nursing.

Skills That Make a Good Orthopedic Nurse

You will acquire many technical skills as an orthopedic nurse during training, certification, and practice. In addition, an orthopedic nurse should develop other essential skills. These include:

● Outpatient care clinics.

● Fast thinking

● Resilience

● Good listening skills

● Excellent communication skills

● Be detail-oriented

● Ability to create connections with patients and show empathy

● High levels of critical thinking

All these skills are beneficial for any orthopedic travel nurse. It would be best if you cultivated them for your career’s well-being.

Travel Nursing
Where Are Orthopedic Travel Nurses Needed?

There is no limitation to where orthopedic travel nurses are needed. These nurses are required and helpful everywhere.

The healthcare sector took an enormous toll due to the Covid-19 pandemic. As a result, there is a backlog of surgical procedures that require completion. Orthopedic nurses who travel to different facilities can help mitigate the current situation. Additionally, orthopedic care is in high demand at the moment.

What Types of Facilities in Wisconsin Hire Orthopedic Nurses?

The work of an orthopedic nurse is not limited in scope. Additionally, their services are highly needed from time to time. As such, ortho nurses can work in different facilities. These facilities include:

● Outpatient care clinics.

● Hospitals

● Physician offices

● Rehab facilities

● Orthopedic surgery facilities

● Home health agencies

● Sports medicine clinics

● Assisted living facilities

● Physical therapy offices

Are Orthopedic Travel Nurses in High Demand?

Yes, the demand for orthopedic nurses is unprecedented. This is because nearly half of Americans suffer from different musculoskeletal conditions.

Also, America has an aging population. Therefore, many people will:

● Have arthritis’ complications

● Require replacement surgery

● Will get fractures due to osteoporosis

Active lifestyles among the population have also resulted in many sports injuries. Additionally, there are many workplace injuries in the white-collar and blue-collar categories. Therefore, the demand for orthopedic nurses is not going down soon.

How Much Do Travel Orthopedic Nurse Make?

Nationwide, the annual average earning of orthopedic nurses is $96,259 or $46 hourly. The figure may be more than $150,000 in some areas. Other orthopedic specialties may offer higher pay. Generally, orthopedic nurses earn more than nurses of different specializations.

What to Expect From Travel Orthopedic Nursing Jobs

A career choice as an orthopedic travel nurse will offer you growth and career development opportunities. Here are some of the essential things you will encounter.


Fast-Paced Environment

Due to their specialty, time is always of the essence for Wisconsin orthopedic nurses. Situations like surgical procedures or patients with broken bones cause ortho nurses to face highly paced environments. Therefore, the nurses will have to make a lasting impact on patients in the shortest time possible.


Limited Orientation Time

You will get enough training for travel jobs specific to different facilities. However, since orthopedic nurses undergo rigorous training, orientation time for different jobs will be limited.


Rewarding Experiences

As an orthopedic nurse, you will get high compensation and a flexible schedule. In addition, you will get many rewards and experiences. These rewards are:

● Creating an extensive professional network

● Great travel experiences that allow you to view the country

● You will be able to explore different areas of nursing

● Meeting and making friends in other locations


A Great Resume

You will acquire different skills working in various facilities as a travel orthopedic nurse in Wisconsin. These skills are invaluable and will highly improve your resume. Also, you will get multiple references from doctors and other professionals you will work together. This ultimately leads to a great resume.

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