Post Anesthesia Care Unit (PACU) Travel Nurse Jobs in Kentucky

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Working in the nursing field requires an individual to have a lot of knowledge concerning medical terminology. This is especially true for those who wish to pursue a career as a PACU travel nurse in Kentucky. If you didn´t know, PACU stands for post-anesthesia care unit and it is quickly becoming a great way to expand nursing skills. Plus, as a Kentucky PACU travel nurse, you will be able to enjoy some travel and the great pay that goes along with it.

In order to decide if a career as a PACU travel nurse is right for you, there are a few things to know about this interesting field. We will also highlight some of the needed experience, skills, and licenses that are required to fill the position.

What Work Does A Kentucky Traveling PACU Nurse Do?

A travel nurse specializing in the PACU will be working in hospitals and other surgical facilities that provide the patient with a post-anesthesia care unit. In the past, the PACU was referred to as a recovery room where a patient was sent to recover from a surgical procedure that required anesthesia.

Normally, the PACU will be located close to the hospital´s operating room. When a patient enters the PACU, they will be under anesthesia still and will need to be monitored until they have fully awakened. The patient is considered to be very vulnerable while in the PACU so the PACU nurse will need to monitor the patient very closely and more so than any other patient they take care of. This is important to ensure that a patient´s condition does not change and if it does, they will be able to quickly respond to changes in condition.

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Requirements to Become A Travel PACU Nurse

To become a travel PACU nurse, there are a few requirements that must be met first:

1. Must have an RN license in your home state
2. Must be certified in both BLS and ACLS
3. Must have at least two years of experience as a critical care nurse
4. Must have a certification in Post Anesthesia Nursing

Daily PACU Nurse Duties

The duties of a PACU nurse may involve the following:

1. Clear communication while caring for patients and addressing any concerns a family may have
2. Have thorough knowledge of managing pain with pain medications
3. Making patient assessments throughout the care
4. Conduct patient monitoring to observe for cany condition changes

Difference Between PACU Nursing and Intensive Care Nursing in Kentucky

An important thing to keep in mind about Kentucky PACU nursing is that it is different from ICU. Although both the ICU and PACU are critical care settings, their uses are completely different from each other. The main difference is that a PACU is used for recovery from surgery in a hospital.

Daily Amount Of Patients Seen By A PACU Nurse

The daily amount of patients that a PACU nurse sees will fluctuate. When it comes to the ratio of nurse-patient, California is the only state that has mandated a ratio. In normal circumstances, the nursing staff of a PACU does not see many patients at one time.

Not only that but there are different levels of care that a PACU nurse must be able to provide to the patients postoperatively. Also, a PACU nurse will never experience multiple patients being taken to the PACU following surgery simultaneously. While working in the PACU, there may be times when you will be performing multiple duties simultaneously. When you are able to prioritize your time in an effective manner, you will be setting a great example as a PACU nurse.

What Is Different About PACU Nursing

If you want an exciting career in nursing, then you should consider PACU travel nursing. This nursing career provides an array of opportunities to not only help others but to enjoy traveling to do it. As a PACU nurse in Kentucky, your skills and experience will be in-demand

In order to better understand PACU nursing, it is important to understand the opportunities that will come your way.

First, you will enjoy the significant amount of pay you will receive. The salary you will enjoy is one of the best in the nursing field. You may even see even higher pay if you decide to work in an area where the cost of living is also higher.

Second, as a PACU nurse, you will learn new skills that will help you grow as a travel nurse. By traveling, you will be able to achieve skills that are top-notch. By having many opportunities to grow your skill, your resume will also be able to reflect the skills you learn.

Third, you need to be flexible while traveling as a PACU nurse. Your flexibility includes being able to work long hours or being called in on short notice. When you are able to show your ability to be a team player, you will be able to have other assignments in the hospital where you can give a boost to your experience.

Out of all of the opportunities of being a traveling PACU nurse, the one opportunity you love the most may be traveling. As you travel to different places to work, it gives you a new experience and thus keeps you competitive if you ever need a new job. Once you have graduated from nursing school, you should look into becoming a travel nurse so that you are exposed to this great career.

Being a PACU travel nurse can be an exciting yet challenging experience that provides a lot of fun. This is great because you will never experience the same day.

Getting Out There

Now that you have all of the necessary information concerning the career of a traveling PACU nurse, you only need to make the leap down the path. If you have any questions regarding a career as a Kentucky PACU travel nurse, don´t hesitate to contact us to answer any and all questions that you may have. We will also help guide you through the process so that you have a full understanding of what to expect.

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